Use the Dusty Dreams

Well I’m going somewhere soon.


I’ve never left the country before. Now I am. I’m going to India. It’s a bit wild and crazy, and we’re not just going all touristy and happy to spend money and what. We’re going to learn about human trafficking and heart ache and sad things.

It’ll be hard, and I don’t know how much hurt I’ll come back with. I don’t know how I’ll have to handle that hurt, but I know I want to use it for others. Other people hurt and that’s why we’re going – to learn about their hurts and show them we care and to come back and do things to prevent and rescue and heal their hurts.

Anyway. Helping people’s a bit of a dream. Cheering and encouraging and all? It’s a happy thing. I love when I send a little text (in which I often look a little stupid) and seeing “Pahahaha! Laughed so hard I almost peed!”

It’s like a score. I made a laugh! I made something happy, and it cheered a person! I love that. Hopefully this will be something like that. I know it’s different. It’s tough and hard and old and strong and it breaks people. Trafficking breaks people. But God? He puts people together. I want to be part of that.

Dream, people. Make a goal and dream. Hard dreams are good. Do them hard things. It’s worth it.

Here – this video? It’ll maybe motivate you. Go pick that dream up and dust it off and make a plan for it.

Oh yeah. I meant to say – don’t look here too often in the next two weeks. Won’t be much, darlins. My jet-lagged, learning-busy brain won’t have time for the putting together of many words. But look on Instagram! I’ll be posting stuff there and trying to keep track of all the amazing things happening.


One project: done

Or almost done anyway.

Actually, it was a hard project. Last summer, after the 5k that I and some college buddies hosted, I wrote each of them a thank you card for all they did. B’lieve me – they did lots. I had left over cards. Nice ones. That, and I’d heard of Hannah Brencher‘s project More Love Letters. That, and some other blogger I think wrote about doing thank you notes as a project. All together, it seemed like a good way to use up those nice looking thank you notes.

So I made a list.

Mom. My boss. My little sister-by-love and my older one. My friend. Another friend. Another lady.

Just people who I love. Just a chance to tell them so.wpid-wp-1412207743754.jpegThanks, everyone.

Thanks for the little things, and the big things. Thanks for the things you taught me, the times we were silly, and for loving me. Thanks for goofing off and playing with my hair and moving to California. Thanks for introducing me to Dr. Who and giving me haircuts and helping me plan a 5k.

wpid-wp-1412208016526.jpeg wpid-wp-1412207450576.jpegThanks for reminding me to delegate, and thanks for being my silly encouragement on hard days, and thanks for interrupting my school to show me Lego projects, and for being nonchalant about skydiving and staying up late because you wanted to talk to me. Thanks for being weird. Awesome. Annoying. Sweet. All those things.

I got a card like this myself once. It said “Thanks – not only for the big things, but also for the 32 million little things. You didn’t know I kept track, did you?”

So to you readers and commenters and people who I love – thanks. Thanks for the big things, but also for the 32 million little things. You didn’t know I kept track, did you?