it rains. it pours.

It’s funny how happy the little things make me. Like pheasant tracks.


Like a pair of socks. I have all kinds of identical work socks and there were three on the back of my chair and … unbeknownst to I … three on my bed.

The fact that there was an extra sock on my chair bothered me. I’m pretty meticulous about mating my socks. Why is this one single?! 

Then I find the three on the bed and suddenly life makes sense again and I don’t feel irritated and boom – I want to blog about it.

Hashtag yay socks exclamation point.


Sushi makes me happy too. And that little tiny brick-trail-crossed “Alley of Love” on right off of Demers in Grand Forks. Because modern sculptures of happy trees and heaven-bound herons and singing fish (they don’t sing, nor are they titled such. I named them singing fish because I needed an adjective for this post. Now, however, they shall be forever titled singing fish) and blue graffiti about rain – it’s all just happy making!



Oh and this girl.

wpid-2015-01-08-07.47.02-1.jpg.jpegSo it was a breezy day and we pulled up our hoods and cowls and went speed-walking between those Singing Fish to find the Merry Christmas art on a community chalkboard before we scuttled back to the mostest hipster-est coffee shop I’ve ever seen.

Urban Stampede, I love you. That is all.

There’s sculptured cherry trees blossoming on the walls and textured October painted on canvases and people and places all captured and adorning the walls. The bathroom feels like a castle with stained glass walls (not as scary as it sounds.) The roof and the floor and the tables and chairs are all old and ready to fall in but they’re enjoying being a vivacious little coffee shop so much they won’t – not until the hipsters stop coming.

I shamelessly took a photo of a hipster behind M. He had the most quintessential comb over and boots and socks and scarf and all and oh my.

I haven’t brought myself to shamelessly post his photo on the blog. Instead, I give you a watertower with real swag. It winks.

wpid-2015-01-08-10.15.11-1.jpg.jpegM and I, we love this water tower. We heralded him too, driving by on that lovely little girls date.

So. Tell meh, pretty please. Why are you happy today?


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