To Make a Thing

There’s things give me words, and I don’t always see them coming. Welcome to a writer’s mind, haha. Or maybe, maybe I’m just a baby writer and I don’t know where inspiration comes from, or how to make my own. Still – I watched this video of miraculous hands carving a fluid substance into something frozen and living and useful, and words sort of floated out of me into skins of their own. Perhaps that makes me a mother of sorts – I’ve given skin and breath to these sweet little wordlings, and fed them and disciplined them and now I’m pushing them off into the world to be.

It’s exciting.

Here’s the video for you. Then below, there’s the words I question the origin of.

Fingertips bulge old and strong with art.

Clay grows into life, and life into clay

Channeled by knuckled, stained stems.

A cylindrical lump

A baby soul

He turns it, dizzy-like –

Thrusts his thumb and hand down the painful, eager throat.

She swells and swallows

And suddenly is shapely mature.

A body, round, lovely –

Immaculate beauty and soul.

Have you watched anything inspiring lately? I want to know. P’raps it’ll make words again.


2 thoughts on “To Make a Thing

  1. That video is lovely, I can see why it inspired your words. I haven’t watched any other beautiful videos like that lately. I’m mostly been watching fun/silly vids at the moment. Which are lovely, in a different way. But don’t usually inspire poetry … unless you want to write a poem about deep-fried sunglasses. πŸ˜‰ (Rhett and Link are weird. And awesome.)


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