I choose to live interrupted, Tiffany used to say.

I think of how she did it. I remember interrupting her packing and spending a day together. I remember interrupting family dinner and bedtime for Bible study with Mariah. I remember interrupting routine and quiet time for youth group.

It goes on. She interrupted herself for everybody.

Then they moved. We were interrupted. She interrupted for her children. Now more than ever, the sweet young-but-growing Mama‘s will be her most welcome interruptions.

Tiffany, thanks for letting us interrupt you.

But now I’m thinking of me. As a student, I’m training myself in focus and drive and commitment and study.

Then there are siblings and parents and Sunday-school and maybe facebook. Maybe. 😉

But in all that – I’m in college. It’s transient. What if I move? What if my little fourth-graders go up to fifth grade? (Heaven forbid!) So after class, when this sweet little girly walked in, we let her interrupt. And when the lesson was over, maybe I arm wrestled the boys and took some awkward photos and a big groupie.

And then again, this girl got to me before my phone went into my bag again, and she put that little arm around me and we didn’t resist the silly urge.


Then she links my arm and sits with me in church and suddenly a little note appears on the bulletin:

What are you doing after church?

I don’t know yet. What are you thinking? (And I read that pretty little mind because it has been my own – how NOT to know where this goes?)

I’m watching the Vikings.


Or maybe draw, or play outside, or go see some friends.

Would you like to come over? (And I know she wants that. I do too, really, through the school and rest I need – I want that.)

YEAH! I’ll ask my parents. That would be FUN!

If suddenly sloppy handwriting and big smiles are any clue…

And so we do it. We take time off of school and we drink cocoa and watch Silly Songs with Larry and we see puppies and smile, and play on the fake horse, and then feed the real horses, and then we have to see the puppies again.




(Those freckles, though!)



Some sweet guy figured licking my lense was a swell idea.


wpid-wp-1410728008752.jpegI love this girl, really I do.

Thanks for coming over, lil sweet pea.


2 thoughts on “Interrupted

  1. You DO have a way with the kiddos, don’t you? (I’m looking at you, Vanessa and … Rachel, was it?)
    Also, lovely pics. But you already knew that. Cuz I already told you. IN PERSON. That ought to count as a bonus comment: I drove for ages just to deliver it. 😉


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